Perry Brown

About Perry

People often comment on the spiritual nature of my compositions. A deliberate use of light contrasted with dark shadows and enhanced by dramatic skies are classical techniques first used by Dutch painters in the 17th century and later perfected by American tonalists such as Innes and Eaton. This traditional framework coupled with present-day brush techniques and a simple, uniform color palette sets the tone for a fresh and contemporary solution. I also strive for atmospheric qualities or to paint during lower light conditions. Atmosphere in a painting invites the viewer to interpret what is not there. It is up to his or her imagination to fill in the pieces.

BFA, Colorado State University, 1984

“Landscapes”, Art Access Gallery, 2010-2014

“Variations in the Landscape”, Art Access Gallery, 2009

“Miniatures & More”, Albuquerque Museum.

“Seasons” Solo Show, Breckenridge Gallery.

Governor’s Invitational, Loveland Museum

Group Exhibition, Schumacher Museum, Ohio

“Horizons” Solo Show, Breckenridge Gallery

Group Show, Art Access Gallery

Two Person Show, Mary Williams Fine Arts

Solo Show, Art Access Gallery