John Sousa

About John

John was born in Detroit, Michigan and now lives in Springboro, OH. He graduated from Bradley University in 1982 with a BFA..
John titles this work his reconstruction series. The work features computer-compiled photographic images printed with UV-cured inks over a textured surface of paint and collage fragments (made from photo-silk screened puff-ink on cloth) with transparent glazes on honeycomb aluminum panels. In addition to the formal concerns I have with paint and photography, I am examining the concept of “areidolia”, a phenomenon in which one perceives meaning in abstract stimuli- for example seeing images in a cloud-filled sky. It is the essence of our nature to look for meaning. My work is not concerned with portraying the world, but rather our perception of the world. How we think, perceive and infer meaning.
John has exhibited his work in over 10 states across the country, most recently at the Riffe Gallery in Columbus, OH, the UC Blue Ash College Gallery in Blue Ash, OH, the Museum of New Art in Armada, MI and the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, He has received two Montgomery County Art Fellowships and was awarded an AIA Grant by Summerfair in 2014.