Jason Lewis


About Jason

My work is representational imagery of the landscape. I choose to depict the places that are most familiar to me; places that have been revealed to me over a period of time. In my representations I try to bring out those things about the place that affect me the most. I paint or draw, to the best of my ability, the landscape as I have experienced it.

2004 MFA, Bowling Green State University
2002-04 Graduate Assistant, Bowling Green
2002 BFA, Columbus College of Art and
Design, Full Trustees Scholarship

2006 Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH
2004 Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH
Sr. Exhibition, Bowling Green
2003 Art Access Gallery, Bexley, OH
Columbus College of Art and Design
2001 “New Arrangement”, ROY G BIV
Kate’s Gallery, Clarion, PA
Clarion County Art’s Council
PA Annual Student Exhibition
CCAD Design Heart of Ohio Tole Award, chosen by faculty

Denison Griffith, CCAD
Charles Herndon, CCAD
Chester, Wilcox & Saxbe, Columbus, OH
Baker & Hostettler LLP, Columbus, OH
Peggy Mativi, Solutions Staffing, Columbus
Merrill Lynch, Columbus, OH