Dennis Drummond

About Dennis

Although Dennis’ work is still not about flowers, it is veryintimate and colorful. The denial in his titles verifies his focus as design. The object, the color and the use of light are all merely vehicles for the design.

“As is evident, I don’t divorce myself from my fascination with the sense of reality during my pursuit of a design emphasis. On the contrary, I chase after it. I pursue that reality to the point that I make my own, I create objects, spaces and light to please my work.”

1968 Syracuse University, MFA
1966 Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA
1965 Cleveland Institute of Art

1968- Columbus College of Art and Design

Bettelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Ohio Nurses Association, Columbus, OH
Glander, Brandt, Ledman and Newman, Columbus
Jeffrey Mining and Manufacturing, Columbus
Siverman and Assoc. Syracuse, NY
Jacobson, Maynard, Tushman & Kalur, Cleveland, OH
The American Nurserymens Association, Chicago
Department of Plastic Surgery, OSU, Columbus
Gilberti, Spittler International Architects, Cleveland