Darren Haper

About Darren

I am interested in that time of life where innocence, freedom of ideas, and inspirations came naturally. A time before one knew what composition, line, texture, or color theory meant. My concepts are split between that time and the present where the shadowy realities of the world are apparent. I fuse pop culture ideas, and child-like whimsical imagery, often times incorporating cartoon characters I remember as a child that I morph into a quasi-representational abstraction. These distorted characters express a somewhat darker undercurrent. Much of my inspiration comes from watching the free flow of ideas my children express as they create art and wishing I could achieve that again.

Miami University, BFA in Painting, 1998

Solo Exhibitions
2015 Green Line Projects Philadelphia, PA.
2015 No Future Projects
2015 Divisible Gallery “Welcome Back Daydreamer” Dayton, Ohio
2005 Cochran Gallery, Dayton, Ohio
2004 Therapy Café, Dayton, Ohio
2004 Miami University, Middletown, Ohio
2003 Wittenburg University, Springfield, Ohio
2000 Riverbend Art Center, Dayton, Ohio

Group Exhibitions
2016 Boecker Contemporary, Fiction (With only daylight between us), Heidelberg, Germany
2016 Kelsey Projects, The Dig, Dayton, Ohio
2016 Visual Aids, NY, NY
2015 Kelsey Projects, Dayton, Ohio
2015 Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, Ohio