Julie Abijanac

About Julie

Julie Abijanac was born in Landstuhl, Germany in 1969. Shortly thereafter her family moved to Columbus, Ohio. In 1992 she received a BFA in painting for the Columbus College of Art and Design and later earned an MFA in painting at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 1994. Julie currently resides and works in Columbus, Ohio. Abijanac is an Assistant Professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design teaching in the Foundation Studies, Media Studies, and Fine Art Programs. She has exhibited her work in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York. Her work has been reviewed in such periodicals such as Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Alive, CCAD View Book, CCAD Image magazine, The New Art Examiner, The Ann Arbor News, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and various exhibition catalogs.

Over time is a personal response to my current life with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Daily I am reminded that even though I am in remission I still have many years to go before I can say that I do not have this disease.  As I get closer to my date of being “cured” I find myself reflecting on the quality of my time. Over Timeis an observation of what has happen and what is yet to come.

This series of works explores the layers one begins to develop on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.  Each panel created focuses on one specific material i.e. pattern paper, magazine paper, fiber and begins to develop an abundance of texture as it is manipulated either by tearing, folding or by its placement. My rituals of creating these textures are a metaphor of my daily routine. The texture for the viewer is simple, meditative and yet overwhelming at the same time.  These works are a visual diary of my life.